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Information on Invitation for Application

Acceptance of applications for the FY 2022 Grant ended on September 30. Invitation for applications for the Grant of the following fiscal year is announced via our website around July every year.

Information on invitation for application

Applications will be accepted between September 1 and 30, 2021

Guidelines for Application and application forms

Please download the following files and complete the forms.
Application forms should be written in Japanese or English.

Guidelines for Application

Item Japanese English
Guidelines for Application



  Multi-Year Project Single-Year Project Multi-Year Project Single-Year Project
Grant Application Form/ Grant Application Notification Form









Income and Expenditure Budget for the Grant Eligible Project/Income Breakdown/Expenditure Breakdown









Description example





Projects qualifying for the JEC Fund Grant

Projects that inherit the idea of Expo ’70 and match the aim of the Japan World Exposition*1 qualify for the JEC Fund Grant.

Project contributing to international understanding

  • (1) Project contributing to international cultural exchange or enhancement of international goodwill
    ・Project contributing to international cultural exchange
    ・Project contributing to international cooperation
  • (2) International project in the field of education or academic study
    ・International project in the field of education
    ・International project in the field of academic study*2

Projects with either of the following themes are given preference in screening.
・To inherit and evolve the idea of Expo ’70 toward EXPO 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan (Expo 2025), resulting in the creation of values for a new era, and contribute to the success of Expo 2025
・To contribute to targets 4.1 to 4.7 of SDG 4 “Quality Education”


"Reference" Excerpt from the description of the "aim of the Japan World Exposition"
"……… the Japan World Exposition aimed at a spirit of the "harmonious development," which means that understanding and tolerance enable various civilizations to coexist in a polyphyletic manner around the world and that advancement should be found especially in such harmony of diversity. This was to bring the Eastern thought called "wa no kokoro (sprit of harmony)" back to modern society and then develop it as a new idea to connect the Eastern and Western worlds……"

Click here for the full text

Total projected grant amount for FY 2022

Approximately \80 million (Estimated total for projects in Japan and overseas)
(The grant money will be disbursed in Japanese yen.)

Grant amount per project

Please apply for either (A) or (B) (You cannot apply for both.)
The grant amount should be no more than three-quarters of the total expenses of the grant eligible project. The maximum grant amount per project is as follows.

(A)Multi-year project (up to three years)

¥20,000,000 in total (up to ¥10,000,000 per year)
A few projects will be selected for the grant. (No projects may be selected, depending on the screening.)

(B)Single-year project

A few dozen projects will be selected for the grant.

Organizations eligible for the JEC Fund Grant

Eligibility for application is granted to foreign national governments, local governments, and other organizations carrying out projects contributing to public interest.

(1) It does not matter whether the applying organization has corporate status or not.
(2) Individuals and profit-making corporations cannot apply for the JEC Fund Grant.
(3) Any organization incapable of completing the project cannot apply for the JEC Fund Grant.

Acknowledgement of funding by the Association using the Expo '70 logo or other means

To indicate that the project has been carried out with funding by the Association, make sure to show an "Acknowledgement of funding by the Association" in at least one of the following listed as (1) to (3). If the acknowledgement is not shown without fair reason, the Association may reduce the amount of the grant money or withhold payment of the grant money.

  • ① PR materials produced for the purpose of the project
    (such as posters, programs and leaflets) and deliverables of the project
    (such as reports, books, video footage, DVDs and CD-ROMs)
  • ② Web pages
  • ③ Information board (such as a signboard) of the project

The materials listed from (1) to (3) above bearing the acknowledgement of funding by the Association should be submitted to the Association, if possible. If not possible, send photos or the like that clearly show the acknowledgement, instead.



Coverage of the JEC Fund Grant

1.Project expenses to be covered by the JEC Fund Grant

The JEC Fund Grant will cover expenses that directly necessary for the project that falls under the following categories:

  • 1. Expenses incurred during the implementation of the Grant eligible project
  • 2. Payments made for/expenses provided to persons other than the project implementing organization

*However, the following expenses shall not be covered by the Grant:

  • 1. Routine operating expenses of the project implementing organization
  • 2. Personnel expenses of the secretariat
  • 3. Performance fee or reward to be paid to the project implementing organization
  • 4. Food and drink, sightseeing and attraction expenses, special transportation charges (first class or business class airfare and Shinkansen bullet train first class (green) fare)
  • 5. Expenses incurred by a person accompanying a participant, etc.
    However, expenses incurred by an attendant to a disabled participant may be covered by the Grant.
  • 6. Payments to an affiliated body of the project implementing organization (i.e., a co-hosting organization, a member organization of the executive committee, etc.)

*For some projects, the expense items to be covered by the Grant shall be specified at the time of the decision on the Grant's qualification.

Project period

Multi-year project

Between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2025

Single-year project

Between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023

Number of applications permitted

Only one application (for one project) is allowed per implementing organization