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Noh “Adachigahara”
Presented by Otsuki-ohgakudo
Noh is the oldest theater art in the world and has been handed down from generation to generation for more than 600 years. The principal characters in Noh plays are mostly ghosts or spirits, who illuminate aspects of human nature and passions by recounting the stories of their own former lives. Music is added by a chorus, called the jiutai, and an instrumental ensemble, the hayashi. The latter consists of four traditional musical instruments: a fue (Noh flute), a kotsuzumi (shoulder drum), an otsuzumi (side drum) and a taiko (stick drum). There is no conductor, the instrumentalists creating a perfect ensemble by listening to the voices and "reading" the atmosphere of each others performance.
Photo Photography by Mitsuru Moriguchi
Both Kyogen, the comedy theater, and Noh can trace their origins back to medieval times, and these contrasting arts are traditionally performed together in a program. Kyogen is easy to understand because it depicts the everyday lives of ordinary people in medieval times, using the spoken language of the time. It is considered to be an gart of laughter that has been highly refined throughout the history of its development alongside Noh.