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Heart of OSAKA Aki Matsuri

「Presenting Midosuji and Nakanoshima as Osaka's heart of cultural communication」
- A autumn festival to explore and enjoy the urban attractions of Osaka -

The festival is mainly composed of two feature events, "MIDOSUJI kappo" and "Discover NAKANOSHIMA." "MIDOSUJI kappo" takes place on the Midousuji Avenue to demonstrate its local attractions to both domestic and international communities. The event is also designed to invite citizens of Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City to visit Midosuji and rediscover the appeal of Osaka. "Discover NAKANOSHIMA" aims to enhance the charms of Osaka as a water capital city and will be held in the Nakanoshima area and along the Okawa River and the Dojima River. These events are intended to create a connection between Midosuji (north-south axis) and Nakanoshima (east-west axis) to expand the scale of the festival in terms of time and space.


Date and Time
October 12 (Sun.), 2008  12:00 - 16:00
Midosuji Avenue (between Umeda Shinmichi and Honmachi; TBD)
Scheduled programs Opening ceremony, campaign events, concerts, Naniwa Jiman area, Junior & Kids area, street concerts, Osaka local product fair, National tourism fair, Rucksack exhibition, Open-air cafe, Midosuji trash-picking, etc.

Date and Time October 12 (Sun.) & 13 (Hol.), 2008 10:00 - 16:00
Location Nakanoshima area (including Osaka City Central Public Hall and Osaka City Hall)
Scheduled programs
Discover NAKANOSHIMA" Band concert, Pirates of Nakanoshiman (game rally), Nakanoshima tour, Nakanoshima workshops, Restaurant, etc.




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