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Where Does This Plan Take Us?
Increases the Attractiveness of Osaka and the Kansai Region

Culture is the nucleus of our development concept.
Aspiring to further develop Osaka into a brilliant metropolis that will attract people from all over the world, the Osaka 21st Century Association is active in promoting and implementing diverse cultural programs and events.
Depending upon the needs of the project, we take the role of either producer or coordinator, utilizing and involving our member and affiliate network to its fullest as well as suggesting and encouraging the activities of individual citizens, businesses and various other organizations and groups.

Makes Osaka a Center of Culture and Arts

Developing Infrastructure

Osaka as a " Museum"

Osaka itself will be developed into an even grander museum than it already is, a center of knowledge and information, where a diversity of museums, art galleries, universities, research institutes, libraries and other facilities stimulate the intellectual curiosity of residents and visitors.

Traditional performing arts Art Stream Riverplace
Osaka as a "Theater"

In addition to its multitude of performing arts activities at various types of theaters and event venues, Osaka's public spaces as well, such as its open plazas and sidewalks, will be transformed into stages on which anybody can perform.

Osaka Central Public Hall (a grand ball held in the hall)  
Osaka as a "Stadium"

With all sorts of facilities, from world-class competition venues to parks where citizens can exercise or play their favorite games, Osaka itself will be turned into one great big stadium where everyone can enjoy participating in, watching and rooting for a wide variety of sporting activities.

A fantasy of lights Ceremony Commemorating
the Arrival of the 21st Century

Promoting Ideals

Osaka Where dreams come ture

Osaka will be recognized throughout the world as a city which supports fair competition and offers opportunities for success in academics, technology, arts and sports, and all other fields of endeavor, and thus as a place where you can demonstrate your abilities to the fullest and make your dreams come true.

Osaka, where all are welcome to join in and enjoy together

Osaka will become known as a place where everyone can equally participate in and mutually enjoy creative activities in the arts, sports and other diverse areas.

Osaka, an epicenter of information and a hub of communication

With its sophisticated cultural creativity, the attractive and energetic metropolis of Osaka will play an increasingly active role towards promoting exchange and conveying valuable information to the whole world.

Osaka International
Convention Center
Osaka Castle Countdown Festival
(Millennium Celebration)
Nakanoshima Riverside Festival
Tenjin Festival
Midosuji Parade
Kansai International Airport
(2nd phase)