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Project Type and Grant Amount Limit

1 Projects qualifying for the JEC Fund Grant

Projects suitable for commemorating the success of Expo '70 and matching the "aim of the Japan World Exposition" (※ 1) qualify for the JEC Fund Grant.:

Projects contributing to international understanding

(1) Projects contributing to international cultural exchange and enhancement of international goodwill

(2) International projects in the fields of education and academic study

"Reference" Excerpt from the description of the "aim of the Japan World Exposition"

"……… the Japan World Exposition aimed at a spirit of the "harmonious development," which means that understanding and tolerance enable various civilizations to coexist in a polyphyletic manner around the world and that advancement should be found especially in such harmony of diversity. This was to bring the Eastern thought called "wa no kokoro (sprit of harmony)" back to modern society and then develop it as a new idea to connect the Eastern and Western worlds……"

* 1 Regarding the "aim of the Japan World Exposition," please see our website for details.

* 2 The expenses incurred in constructing and/or improving a facility will not be eligible for the Grant as of the FY 2018 application.

* 3 Regarding academic international conferences, projects with educational or cultural aspects are eligible for the Grant. Please describe the educational or cultural aspects in the section of project outline in the application form if you apply for the Grant for an international conference.

2 Upper limits of the JEC Fund Grant

The amount of the JEC Fund Grant should account for less than three-quarters of the total project expenses applicable to the JEC Fund Grant, in principle. This means that each implementing organization is required to cover more than a quarter of the total project expenses with their own funds, excluding other public grants, etc.

○ Intensive project: Planned to provide grants of up to 10 million yen to a few projects. However, there may be no applicable projects based on the screening.

○ General project: Planned to provide grants to tens of projects up to 3,000,000 yen (Whether the projects are adopted or not will be determined based on the screening.)

* 1 The amount of grant applied for shall be at least 500,000 yen.

* 2 In the event the project expenses to be covered by the JEC Fund Grant are found to be less than the amounts on the application after project completion, the Grant amounts to be paid may be reduced. Any Grant less than 100,000 yen shall also not be paid.