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関西・大阪21世紀協会 ロゴ画像
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The Nakanoshima district, located between the Dojimagawa and the Tosaborigawa rivers, is a sandbank of about 50 hectares, stretching approximately three kilometers from east to west. The word “nakanoshima” originally meant “sandbank.” The district was developed in the early seventeenth century, and in the Edo Period, as many as 100 warehouses and sales offices, which represented the local domains of feudal lords over Japan, stood side by side. Rice to sell was brought to these warehouses from many parts of the country, which is why Osaka was called “the kitchen of the nation” in those days. More recently, the Nakanoshima district has developed as the civic center of Osaka City, with the city hall, cultural facilities, and many leading corporations in this area. At the same time, the relaxing atmosphere of the area has made Nakanoshima a place for recreation and relaxation among Osaka citizens.

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