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Performing Arts Messe 2006 in Osaka PAMO

  Event design
  Presentation Program
  Training programs
  Communication programs
  Other events

Performing Arts Messe 2006 in Osaka  "Let's Go to the Theater!"  July 27-29,2006

  Event design
  This fair of the performing arts comprises three programs showcases, or short promotional performances, and booth exhibitions for PR and business opportunities (presentations); seminars and workshops on shared issues (training);
and networking with people that one may not otherwise have the chance to meet (communication)

Presentation Program

At Matsushita IMP Hall and OBP Enkei Hall, short promotional performances (15 minutes for each group) will be given. Cosponsors from various fields will stage an hour-long showcase, adding variety and color to the program and performances, thus enhancing the appeal to visitors.

Time July 28-29 13:00-17:00 (times may change)
Venue Matsushita IMP Hall, OBP Enkei Hall

Booth exhibitions
At the Gallery (Atrium) on the ground floor of Twin 21, a landmark tower in the Osaka Business Park, about 50 booths grouped into each field will be set up for PR, business negotiations, and sales of tickets and CDs.
Time July 28-29 12:00-17:00(times may change)
Venue Twin 21 Gallery(Atrium)

Presentation stage

On a stage set up in the booth exhibition site, short performances and video presentations will be given (15 minutes for each group).

Time July 28-29 12:00-17:00 (times may change)
Venue Booth Exhibition Site, Twin 21 Gallery (Atrium)

Training programs

Multifaceted programs include a seminar where professionals from both home and overseas join discussions on a variety of issues related to the performing arts, and a workshop where participants learn from experience.

Communication programs

The communication programs are designed to help exhibitors and participants from many different areas network and exchange information with people they may not usually encounter, all in a casual setting where visitors are welcome.

Other events
On the eve
  To liven up the spirits of everyone involved and to promote the fair, a collaboration between kyogen and classical music performers will be staged at Izumi Hall on the evening of July 27.  

  To discover new talents in any category of the performing arts, the organizer has established 720award@pamo this year, in the hopes that the winners will disseminate the latest in performing arts to people across the globe.  

Outdoor performance, etc.
  At the outdoor space (Twin 21 South Plaza), exhibitors and other groups will organize performances and an “art café” will be opened, in order to attract a crowd to the venue.